QCT and Bloomberg Media Probe into Businesses’ Tech Adoption Trends

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At a time of economic bounce-back, business leaders have been planning ahead to meet emerging technology challenges with the right resources and approaches. To understand what challenges businesses worldwide are facing and what plans they have in mind, QCT collaborated with Bloomberg Media to conduct a survey on 377 business tech decision makers, with roughly equal percentages from the US, Singapore and Germany, to identify  tech adoption trends for 2022 and onwards.

The decision makers identified cybersecurity and data privacy threats (48%) as the top technology challenge facing businesses, followed by keeping up with digital transformation (37%) and staying ahead in a fast-paced market (36%). We interpret the results as reflecting the threats imposed by ransomware attacks, and a high interest among businesses worldwide in elevating future-readiness with appropriate business technology solutions.

Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, the majority of companies are either in the process of digital transformation (45%) or about to embark on their digital transformation journey (45%). While SMEs are more concerned about lacking the expertise and skills to implement  innovative solutions, large corporations consider integration with legacy applications the most challenging issue during the implementation of new solutions. 

Cloud Adoption

Taking a closer look at the companies’ cloud adoption status, nearly 1 in 3 surveyed have already adopted a cloud solution, and another 60% are in different stages of cloud adoption. Cloud solutions provide the foundation for companies to build more agile and collaborative environments, making them essential to a successful digital transformation.

As for the type of cloud solutions companies are looking to adopt, 30% of business tech leaders have chosen hybrid cloud solutions, indicating a robust need for integrating the agility of cloud environments with the security of on-prem storage. A smaller proportion of the companies (22% of SMEs and 12% of large corporates) have not yet decided on which type of cloud systems they plan to adopt, and the engagement and consultation with experienced cloud solution providers may help them speed the entire cloud adoption process from decision making to solution implementation.

Business tech solutions are plenty, and decision makers are willing to pay as long as the solutions address their pain points and provide future-ready competitive advantages. As nearly 8 in 10 companies expect to increase their tech budget in the next 1-3 years, the first priority for many of them would be to find the right solution provider that understands their capacities and needs to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

With rich experiences in leveraging the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders, QCT has enabled enterprises large and small to  solve next-generation data center design and operation challenges. Its recent focuses include adopting 5G and AI technologies to realize innovative applications in diverse cloud environments.
Click to view the complete business tech adoption survey results: http://blog.qct.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/QCT_BBG_Brand-Study_Tech-Adoption.pdf

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