What QCT Presented at Computex 2017 will Transform Computing in New Ways

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It’s been a month since Computex 2017 ended, and I have had some time to digest and reflect on Quanta Cloud Computing (QCT)’s presence at one of the largest exhibitions about hardware and electronics in Asia. Separate from the two main exhibition halls, QCT was to located at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), where most of the keynotes and presentations for the event were held. As the server market is not a part of the memory cards, RAM, USB flash drives, and power supply units, it was rightly placed away from those flashy showings in the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Giving the company more room to focus on the QuantaMesh, QuantaGrid, and QuantaVault Solutions with QCT’s R&D teams on hand to answer questions.


For those who are unfamiliar to the QCT name, QCT is a supplier of networking solutions to some of the world’s largest hyper-scalers and SaaS providers. As one of the largest hardware vendors worldwide, they are at the forefront of the software defined networking trend.  At this year’s Computex, QCT took to the showroom floor with the theme “Leading Data Center Transformation” and more than 315 visitors from different countries and industries came to visit the creatively designed data center area.  


Once having my badge scanned at the reception the first section, standing at the center of the room, was the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) section.  The section addressed virtualization and the Open Compute Project with the Open Rack and 19” standard.  Alongside those options, QCT showcased its full spectrum of hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, including Hyperscale, AI, SDS and SDN solutions.


On the second day of the show Mike Yang, President of QCT, also gave a keynote about QCT’s strategic positioning in the growing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to Gartner, one of the world’s leading research and consulting firms, applied artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning are among the top 10 strategic technological trends in 2017. This trend is also recognized by QCT and they have invested in a full stack AI offering according to the motto – ” Adaptive – Powerful – Simple “.  With all the recent hype around AI, it’s a trend that can’t be missed.


In addition to all that was exposed to the public, QCT, earlier in the month had announced they would introduce a series of servers equipped with the upcoming Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.  A hidden room was among the servers and racks, and it was here, that QCT had their Non-Disclosure room which gave screened visitors a chance to preview some of QCT’s upcoming server products. Those products I am not at liberty to discuss due to embargos, but all I can say is that there are great things coming to the world of computing.  Overall, it was an impressive showing from QCT.


For those who missed the show check out the links below:

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