Transforming Business Analysis through HPC, AI, and Data Analytics Integration

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In today’s world where big data processing has become a daily routine for organizations and enterprises, how to extract useful information more swiftly, accurately, and comprehensively has become a key to making insightful business decisions. HPC and AI are converging to fulfill such data-intensive tasks. QCT as a builder of future infrastructure presents an evolving adaptive platform for HPC and AI workloads, adopting a modular architecture design to meet a wide range of processing needs—from general data processing up through designing an HPC optimized cluster for massive scalability and performance to running HPC and deep learning workloads. In the following white paper entitled “Transforming Business Analysis through HPC, AI, and Data Analytics Integration,” HPCwire covers QCT’s HPC/AI-ready offerings, highlighting our expertise in infrastructure and end-to-end support.


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