Streamline Precision Medicine Workloads with QCT POD For Medical

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Precision medicine is an approach of treatment and prevention of disease that takes into account the individual variability. Precision medicine life science research often focuses on the areas of next-generation sequencing (NGS), image recognition and molecular dynamics (MD) research used in drug discovery. Precision medicine research results in massive amounts of data and data-intensive workloads which require using High Performance Computing (HPC) systems for computer simulation and running Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs for data analysis. Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) developed the QCT POD for Medical solution containing common building blocks used to design on-premises, rack-level systems with hardware and software integration capable of running precision medicine HPC and AI workloads. The QCT POD for Medical solution aids researchers and developers because it contains pre-validated and pre-configured custom hardware and management tools designed to meet specific organization workload requirements. The paper provides examples of how the QCT POD for Medical solution makes it easy to launch and manage NVIDIA Clara Train SDK and QOCA® aim AI workflow tasks.

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