Enterprise 5G and AI Must Be Built on Collaboration: The Role of QCT 5G x AI Open Lab

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Collaboration is pivotal to realize enterprise 5G and AI

As 5G matures with high demand coming from a multitude of industries, it is important for the whole 5G ecosystem to come together to help industries understand why they need 5G and what they can accomplish with it. 5G is growing and in the first quarter of 2022, 5G accounted for 91% of all announcements according to Omdia Private LTE and 5G Networks Tracker 1Q22. Furthermore, 60% of all publicly announced private network rollouts were implementing 5G as their main technology.

QCT is evolving its 5G Open Lab, which was jointly launched with Intel® in Taiwan in 2021, turning it into a 5G and AI Open Lab with the goal of accelerating collaboration between partners and enterprises creating innovative use cases by combining 5G and AI.


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