Data getting too big to handle? Not with Storage Spaces Direct

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Data is growing bigger every day. According to research, 90% of the data that exists currently was generated in the last two years. Can your existing IT infrastructure handle the massive quantities of data and increasing workload demands? Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 can help to alleviate the pressure on datacenters (and their operators).

One of the most exciting new features of Window Servers 2016 is its software-defined datacenter (SDDC) technologies. In particular, software-defined storage (SDS) is one of the most sought-after features for companies that process large amounts of data.

But how does the new software-defined storage technology differ from the old Storage Space in Windows Server 2012? The new Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) feature allows you to virtualize storage in local-attached drives among multiple nodes into storage pools. Each pool is automatically created with cache, storage tiers, and erasure coding. Its fault tolerance ensures that even if a node goes down, your data will continue to be secure and available online. Learn more in-depth details about Microsoft’s S2D feature here.

Microsoft S2D is integrated seamlessly with our most popular D51PH storage-intensive server in one variation of QCT’s Microsoft 2016 Solution. Our meticulously engineered server gives you up to 6.4 TB (4 x 1.6TB) in its SSDs for caching and 96 TB (12 x 8TB) in its HDDs storage—a great option for customers to manage their data at a reasonable cost.

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