Breakthrough performance for big data analytics

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Organizations that have highly demanding data warehousing workloads want a comprehensive and economical solution to meet their Big Data and business intelligence needs. Microsoft and QCT have partnered to offer Analytics Platform System (APS), including Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) software on certified QCT hardware platform, as well as robust tools for working with data.

The appliance experience is complemented by a unified Microsoft and QCT support model, with Microsoft acting as your single point of contact for all patches, upgrades, and issues. This complete data warehousing solution spans desktop systems, data marts, and the enterprise data warehouse— all while operating seamlessly with Microsoft business intelligence tools.

Big Storage

Big Storage

Integrated enterprise-ready Big Data Analytics Appliance
APS appliance engineered for optimal value with advanced hardware and software architecture offers redundancy and high performance with low energy consumption

Completed business intelligence solution
It’s simplified warehousing on a certified hardware platform to meet your most complex Big Data and business intelligence needs

Ready to use
As a prebuilt appliance with optimized software, APS by QCT allows you to focus on deploying solutions rapidly

Easy data management 
The Analytics Platform System is integrated with SQL Server integration Services, Which allows data architectures to use a familiar ETL tool to move data into the appliance

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