A Purpose-Built HPC/AI Solution for Higher Education And Research

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Researchers and scientists seek to use high-performance computing (HPC) to solve some of the longest-standing mysteries of the universe and the greatest problems facing humankind today. In many cases, it is in a nation’s interest to grow local and regional higher education HPC capacity. From the origins of the universe to new therapeutic treatments to the impact of climate change, many traditional lab-based science and research efforts now all require HPC to conduct simulations, models, analysis, and to visualize vast amounts of data. QCT POD is a purpose-built system designed and pre-configured for Higher Education and Research. QCT POD, which is a platform on-demand, provides the infrastructure and system management needed to meet HER processing and storage requirements. Additionally, the system includes cluster management software, built-in application frameworks, compute-optimized hardware, storage technologies, and low-latency networking, all seamlessly integrated and validated to accelerate the HPC research process.


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