White Paper: QCT and Intel Test Autoscaling Capability of Rackgo R

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Today we’re announcing the availability of a new white paper entitled “QCT Tests Autoscaling Capability of Intel® Rack Scale Design.”  Last October, we launched our Rackgo R cloud solution, a data center management instrument for allocating the optimal amount of compute and storage pooled resources for existing and new applications.  Rackgo R leverages the latest Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD), and we further developed our own innovations in our QCT System Manager (QSM) Premium.

In this whitepaper, released in partnership with Intel, QCT’s Rackgo R was put to the test to demonstrate how mobile network operators (MNOs) can deploy virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) instances.   This is of great importance for network functions virtualization (NFV) as MNOs will need to capability to scale resources to match changing traffic levels and workload demands.  Using a prototype for autoscaling functionality Intel developed, Rackgo R was able to scale up and scale down, along with the identification of the hardware resources required, with an average time between 5.5 and 7 minutes.

The “Autoscaling” white paper walks you through the vEPC demonstration along with system response times and the details of the ng40 test system that emulate a mobile network. The paper also provides background information on Intel RSD, their autoscaling prototype, QCT Rackgo R, and QCT’s enhanced features included in our QSM Premium.

Want to learn more about how this autoscaling demonstration can be applied in real use cases including 5G network slicing, edge cloud, and cloud native services? You can get started by downloading the white paper here.

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