Accelerating Application Performance with RDMA

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Over the last few years, people have talked about the potential of remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology to boost the performance of applications by allowing direct access to memory. In the past, a CPU’s read/write process would not allow work to be performed until the previous operation was completed. But with RDMA, the CPU can process other tasks while another application is running. Therefore, RDMA is highly applicable and beneficial when one’s workload is heavy or if an environment has high latency.

Since 2013, QCT has continuously seen the value of RDMA and adopted this technology in all its Microsoft Server solutions. QCT, via an SMB3 protocol, now significantly improves its solutions’ performance by effectively improving memory access performance between nodes compared to plain old Ethernet. This is most prominent in QCT’s QxStack Windows Server 2016 MSW8000’s 3M IOPS performance. This is one example of QCT’s continuing efforts to extend beyond being just a hardware platform provider, and rather be an enabler for various markets to grow their business and seekers of the absolute best performance.

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